The magic of Golf in the Dolomites

Why Golf and why Golf in the Dolomites.
People who stand in golf’s way told it is not a sport actually…And they’re probably right.
Golf is not simply a sport, it’s a philosophy of life, it’s a style, a way of being,  inside and outside the field.

The golfer is not only one person who knows how to do a swing and who attends the most exclusive clubs.
Being a golfer is above all a state of mind, a philosophy of life which shall include compliance towards amazing principles.

Golf is a game of courtesy, respect, attention and morality.
The inner features live in the real player not only during a game but also in daily life.

A good golfer is a person who:
• Respects the rules of play and behaviour; takes care of the field and respects the efforts made to keep it properly.
• Accepts the challenge of the course and faces with determination and without complaining even the most discouraging moments.

Golf is not just a game, but a way of life that allows you to test not only as players, but as individuals.
Golf is both a sociable and solitary play. You can play by yourself and know yourself, but you can play with a lot of new friends and get to know their true character.
The course brings out the best and worst of each one and presents a challenge. If you accept it, you really have a chance to improve.
Studies done by Swedish scientists claim that the death rate for golfers is 40% lower than the same sex, age and socioeconomic status, which corresponds to an increase of five years in life expectancy.
It ‘s a well-known fact that exercise is beneficial to health, but the benefits on personal health expected from specific particular sports activities are still largely unknown.

Golf is a game that burns calories, reduces cholesterol and can reduce stress, helping to keep you fit.  When you play golf, the heart beats between 90 and 120 beats per minute. This low-intensity workout is ideal to slowly burn fat.
Play golf is healthy not only to the body but also to the mind, thanks to the endorphins which improve mood, released into the bloodstream with movement. It also offers a mental challenge: count the drawn strokes, to work on the score or simply calculating yardages and select the iron to be used are all mental exercises.

What better than play it in wonderful surroundings, with the chance of playing on a 9 hole course set in the most breathtaking scenery in the heart of the Dolomites, right under the Sella massif and the Sassongher.

The golf course is at 1700 meters above sea level only a few kilometres from the town centre of Corvara, in untouched nature and with an ideal temperature, far from the summer sultry heat in the valley.

An experience to treasure in the memories box!      Discover where

“You can´t see that flag as some dragon you got to slay. You’ve got to look with soft eyes.
See the place where the tides and the seasons and the turning of the Earth all come together, where everything there is becomes one.
You got to seek that place with your soul Junuh.
Seek it with your hands, don’t think about it, feel it. Your hands are wiser than your head is ever gonna be.
Now I can’t take you there Junuh-just-hopes I can help you find a way.
It’s just you, that ball, that flag, and all you are–seek it with your hands.
Don’t think about it. Feel it. Feel it.
There’s ONLY ONE SHOT that’s in harmony with the field; the home of your authentic swing.
That flag and all that you are.”  
from The Legend of Bagger Vance


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