A Bike Tour. Where? In The Dolomites!

A bike tour in the Dolomites – UNESCO World Heritage Site –  as memorable lifetime experience.

Part of what makes riding a bike so special is the chance to explore. You can ride the same roads and trails every day, or you could add a little variety.

Exploring and going on adventures is one of most thrilling  things about riding.

It really is cool to experience a new area for the first time and not know what is coming around the next corner.

When the landscape is one oft he most stunning in the entire world, Unesco World´s Heritage Site just because of his beauty, the ride is going to become a unique, lifetime experience.

To plan a bike tour in the Dolomites is not simply to try out a new trail, to travel only to ride a completely new terrain.

It´s more about to experience a unique connection between body and soul, the first enriched by the phisycal challenge, the second mesmerized by the breath-taking sight.

During the winter months skiers and snowboarders descend on this glamorous resort towns, for the rest of the year it’s an increasingly popular base for mountain and road biking in the UNESCO-protected Dolomites, with cosy hotels in town offering storage, maintenance and relax for cyclists.

Since ever the mountain passes in the Dolomites have been a real challenge for cyclers. This makes them one of the most exciting highlights.

A ride on a mountain-bike is also very worthwhile. There a suitable tours for all levels.
Your day will become when the sun emerges, spray-painting a warm pink onto the peaks that loom above you, and everything will be a surprise.

First the challenge of gaining heights, on and off piste experiences, conventional and unconventional riding, then the vertiginous challenge of more or less fast downhill trails.


There’s something to suit everyone’s fancy. Totally.

Living the mountain allows you to discover your soul, out of mainstream, in an enchanted world.

The tour is enhanced not only by the riveting scenery. Hospitality and food play their role to make your vacation unforgettable and unique.

The food of this region reflects its dual identity, the combination of the Latin history of the Trentino and Veneto region, and the Austro-Hungarian roots found in Alto Adige.

One will find familiar dishes such as pasta e fagoli and polenta here, as well as more Germanic dishes such as s knodeln, spaezle, and goulash.

The cuisine here is a mountain cuisine, based on products produced and cultivated here: fruits grown in the valleys; wines and crops cultivated on hillside terraces; cows, goats and sheep raised in mountain pastures; trout from farms fed by glaciers; game and mushrooms from the many woodlands; pigs and milk from dairy cows are turned into a variety of cured meats and cheeses.

Food and wine tourism in the Dolomites is now officially one of the main tourist attractions of the region.

One of the best ways to experience traditional Tyrolean food is discovered on outdoor excursions, where as hungry biker you will enjoy a typical lunch of speck, cheese and local bread in one of many rifugios located in alpine meadows.

At night, in more sophisticated venues, you will see how how the southernMediterranean cuisines have influenced the chefs of the region, with cooking that combines the alpine traditions with southern finesse and flavors.

More than one place here will stretch your preconceptions of what exactly is “Italianfood.

In this scenery, a special corner of the Dolomites, Alta Badia is a great little place, not only because of bike and food.

There are plenty of recreation opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts, including climbing, hiking, and horseback riding. If you are looking for a destination with a variety of activities, then this may be the spot for you and bringing a mountain bike along will offer you some epic rides and access to lots of beautiful scenery that you would otherwise miss on foot in a day’s hike.

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