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If you wonder what each one of us can tangibly do to help the environment, increasingly harassed by pollution, well, We all can do plogging.

And if you wonder what plogging is, let us introduce you to the ultimate green –  sport – activity.

We can no longer pretend nothing happened.
Statistics on plastic pollution speak very clearly: 300 million tons of plastic are produced every year and about 8.8 million of them end up in the oceans, threatening numerous animal species, many of which have already become endangered.

To fight against plastic pollution, many people – artists, inventors, entrepreneurs or ordinary citizens – have created creative solutions.
For example, Taylor Lane, a surfer who, in California, managed to collect 10,000 cigarette butts from beaches that were then used to cover a recycled surfboard.  He gave the example and won an environmental awareness contest.

taylor_lane_eco _surf_board

There are also many artists like Aurora Robson, Jane Perkins and Veronika Richterová, who are creating wonderful works of art with rubbish.

What about us? What can we all do? How can we help our planet and stop pollution simply by introducing small habits in our daily routine?

We can give ourselves to plogging.

2018-08-31 16_19_20-Hashtag #plogging su Instagram • Foto e video

Ok, now you are asking: “What is plogging?”, just like we curiously asked  Yvonne when she sat down at the table and said: “I want to encourage all the people coming here, all our guests, to help and keep our land clean. I want to teach them to do plogging.

2019-06-26 15_36_41-WhatsApp

We learnt it from her:

Plogging is the new fitness trend, originated in Sweden (and where, if not?), where people collect waste while jogging.

Erik Ahlström, an avid skier and trail runner, coined the term (originally “plogga“, as is still known in other parts of the world).

It is a combination of “jogging” and “plocka upp”, which is the Swedish word for “to collect”.

Launched by Ahlström in 2016, it is only in 2018 that the movement has exploded all over the world, thanks also to a media revival due to the main social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram.erik_ahlstrom_plogging

Just look up the  Plogging hashtag on social media, you’ll get more than 71k results and realize how the phenomenon is spreading like wildfire.

But how to do this ecological training? And what are its advantages?

In one word, why should you start plogging?

There are many good reasons to start.

First of all, whether you are by yourself or in a group, you are not only doing something good to your own body but also something great for the environment.

Your workout will even get an extra boost: If you are worried that stopping to collect garbage will hinder your training, be reassured: squatting to remove garbage on the roadside can help you burn more calories than just running or simply walking.plogga_not only_runners


This is supported by data from Lifesum, one of the health apps that allow users to record their own workouts.

In fact, according to a study conducted in collaboration with Keep America Beautiful, a non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention of pollution, plogging for about 30 minutes allows you to burn more or less 288 calories.

Littering (or garbage pollution) is a serious problem: waste is not only an eyesore, but it also damages our planet, our ecosystem and all different species living on it.

By collecting plastic bottles or cans or other garbage along your route, you can help preserve ecosystems, reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills and even prevent accidents caused by road debris.

Besides, it’s a fun social activity: Plogging was born thanks to a group of runners who wanted to share each other company while ran and cleaned up the environment.

Of course, you can also practice alone, but in groups, it’s surprisingly fun. You don’t have to run at all costs, you can walk, and chat with your friends.

Furthermore, competing with those who collect more waste will push you to achieve better results.


Are you ready for plogging?


After Yvonne’s speech, we were totally excited to start.

But she had more idea. Not only to promote plogging by words, but rather actively, by giving everyone the chance to learn more about it and be able to start straight away.

A handy garbage bag put in an inspirational envelope – everything 100% recyclable – wait for all our guests directly at Dolomit Boutique Hotel reception, where we will be happy to explain to you why and how we practice plogging on our beautiful mountain paths and roads.


At the end of the day, you can simply drop off your bag at our reception and we will take care of sorting garbage to differentiate what can be recycled.

We perfectly know it is one more task to take care of as hotel leaders, though, we are glad to make this kind of commitment.


It would be too easy to talk without becoming players of the match we tell we must win.

So, when you are here, doing your check-in in our hotel, don’t worry to remember to ask for your envelope, we will more than happily give it to you.

You can bet on it.

The Dolomit Boutique Hotel Green Team

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